Arvada Lodge Members, we need your help again to get ready for the limited opening of our Lodge! We will be having a MOVING IN PARTY Saturday, September 19th at 8:00am. The more help we have, the sooner it will be done, and all help will be greatly appreciated. It may be difficult to social distance and wear masks while doing some of these things, so please if you’re not comfortable in those situations, there will be other ways to help once we open.

Let’s try this again... It’s Finally Here! Our Lodge will be OPEN starting Saturday, September 19th at 11:00am, with limited hours and limited access. Due to Covid restrictions and the remaining construction, we will have the Social Quarters, Dinning Room, Deck and parking lot available.

Look for a letter being mailed to all Arvada Lodge members regarding the Open House and Fund Raising.

This Saturday Sept. 19th @8am moving in party!
This Saturday Sept. 19th @11am Lodge officially re-opens!!
Saturday Sept. 26th Open House…more info to come!