Hello Lodge members! There is some light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a long way to go. Our Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast has been cancelled. Once we can get together again, we’ll plan a big celebration for all our members.

We had a very successful blood drive last Saturday. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up the Lodge, helped with the drive and then cleaned up. A special thank you to Brent our caterer who prepared lunches for the volunteers.

Mike Martinez is working on having a food drive for the Community Table. We’ll get the word out through our social media when Mike is able to get it set up. We’ll need volunteers to help with that.

Dick Moss and his crew have continued working on the inside of our Lodge. We are still waiting for a permit to continue the remodeling, but meanwhile they have been doing deep cleaning in the kitchen and elsewhere.

Next week we plan to have a Board of Directors/House Committee meeting. With some restrictions lifted we will be planning how to get our Lodge back on track. As always any member with a concern, question or suggestion can call or text me at 720-373-4051. Or, reach out to one of our officers or board member. I wish everyone to remain well and safe.

Fraternally, ER Gene Schluter