7-28-2020 Well things are finally looking like they are moving along. Exterior brick is done except for a few touch ups. The awning is on above the new door. There is some work to do there. Interior doors frames are here and being installed. The ceiling of the Social Quarters is up and looks pretty good. We finally have drywall hung in the ladies room. With door frames we can finish out the drywall and get it taped and finished. We have had a little issue with the lighting that the Architect chose but that has been resolved. Working on ceiling lights for the game room right now and that will get finished up. We are expecting the new electrical gear in soon. Once that is in we will need to cut the power to the lodge to make the switch over. The coolers and freezer will need to go on generator power for a couple of days and the kitchen will have to be closed. Once the cross over is complete we will be able to start bringing each area back up. While the power is being worked on we will also be working on the finishes which includes floors, paint, trim, glass, and swinging doors.

The plan is to work from north to south so we can get the SQ open. More info about this to come over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience. Pete Frank, PER

View the latest photos of the remodel here – https://www.facebook.com/pg/Elks2278/photos/?tab=album&album_id=576288583042966