Please join First Gentleman Jim Larsen by showing support for Colorado’s State Major Project-Laradon Hall Here is list of suggested school supplies.  Bring multiples, there’s never enough and keeping the supply room stocked year round is a goal of the CEA.  There will be a designated bin at the Lodge for donations.

o 3 Ring Binders (all sizes)
o Animal Crackers
o Backpacks
o Binder Clips
o Bottled Water
o Bottled Glue
o Construction Paper
o Dish Detergent
o Dishwasher Detergent
o Dry Eraser Markers (large size)
o Glue Sticks
o Goldfish Snacks
o Granola Bars
o Highlighters
o Kleenex
o Laminating Sheets
o Laundry Detergent
o Markers (washable)
o Non-Toxic Paint
o Page Protectors for Binders
o Paperclips
o Pens & Pencils
o Pipe Cleaners
o Plastic Forks and Spoons
o Pretzels
o Safety Scissors
o Sticky Notes
o Velcro with Adhesive Backing